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The objective of this website is to provide a rational and an unbiased viewpoint on Common Investments which are accessible to the normal retail investor. Hence this site does not cover investing in exotic financial instruments and in fancy derivative products. 

I work as a Senior Analyst in the Insurance Industry and have been investing and following the markets for over 10 years now. This site is a result of having met several people who were swindled by 'Agents' and 'Brokers' who masquerade as 'Experts' but end up selling high commission products which offer sub-standard returns to their clients. Through this site, I hope to disseminate information on various financial products available in the markets and give my honest opinion on how beneficial would it be for an investor.

I would really like to hear your comments and would do my best to answer any query posted on my blog. Alternatively you could also email me at rahul@demystifyinginvestments.com

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