Friday, December 30, 2011

4 Investment Tips Best Not Followed

As this year draws to a close, a lot of traders and brokers are saying that they are really glad that 2011 is finally over. The stock markets around the world have lost billions of dollars worth of wealth this year & the world is still looking at the Euro zone and the US nervously hoping that the debt crises in these mammoth economies would somehow miraculously pass. The emerging economies are also facing slowing growth, high inflation and rapid depreciation of their currencies. I am writing this article from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is enjoying a period of great prosperity and the largest budget surplus they ever had till date due to firm oil prices.

In the last 3 yrs several myths were debunked and the perils of the US credit expansion programme which started in the 70's was finally revealed early this year when there was a deadlock in the senate over increasing their credit limit. Through this article, I would like to list a few investment myths which Mark Mobius spoke about a decade ago. I find it makes even more sense in the present context.